2019 Grand Prize Winner
Petri Bowl – Gundersen Health Systems

2019 People’s Choice Winner
Killer F.R.O.G. – WellStar

The 2019 Film Festival Nominees:

As the Germ Turns
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital 

I'm A Germ
Erlanger Health System

Hand Washing
Community Medical Centers 

Hand of Horror
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

I like clean hands, the data don't lie.
Oregon Health & Science University

Infection Control Germiest Hits - PRHC
Peterborough Regional Health Center

Dr. Foam In Foal Out
Sky Ridge Medical Center

The 5 Moments of Hand Hygiene
Genesis Healthcare

Let's Wash
Summa Health System

Upstate Medical University 

Sepsis - Time is of the essence
MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital

Antibiotic Awareness: Antibiotics are not always the answer
Washington State Department of Health